Andeavor Logistics Key Contacts for Customers

To explore how we can serve the needs of your business, contacts are provided below for specific systems and regions.

For supplier-related questions or inquires, please visit: Andeavor Supplier Contact Information

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Director of Customer Relations Nathan Little at We are very interested in discussing your needs.

Become a Shipper with Andeavor Logistics

Thank you for your interest in becoming a shipper with Andeavor Logistics. Attached below are the applicable forms to start the process:

High Plains Pipeline and Gathering – Bakken

States: North Dakota and Montana
Services: Full-service crude, gas and water gathering
Shipper Support & Scheduling Manager: Veronica Lewand – (210) 626-4786,

Business Development:

Mid-Continent VP Logistics Development: John Moore – (303) 454-6662,

Rockies Gathering & Processing System

States: Wyoming, Utah and Colorado
Services: Full service crude, gas, water gathering and gas processing
Shipper Support & Scheduling Manager: Michelle Gill-Pearson – (801) 715-4301,
Business Development: David Smith – (303) 454-6605,
Mid-Continent VP Logistics Development: John Moore – (

Northwest Product System

States: Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington
Services: Finished products transmission, storage and truck rack distribution
Shipper Support & Scheduling Manager: Austin Stovall – (714) 880-1759,
Business Development: Bill O’Brien – (714) 880-1717,
VP, Logistics Development—Terminalling and Transportation: Holly Kranzmann – (714) 880-1703,

Other Terminalling and Transportation 

States: California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and North Dakota
Services: Crude, intermediates, and refined products terminalling and transportation
Shipper Support & Scheduling Manager: Austin Stovall – (714) 880-1759,
Business Development: 

VP, Logistics Development—Terminalling and Transportation: Holly Kranzmann – (714) 880-1703,